DollForever Sex Doll Heads

Heads listed here match best with a DollForever sex doll body

DollForever offers heads that are designed to match very well in style and character with selected, featured DollForever dolls. You will notice when a head and body combination is featured by DollForever, the look is believable and realistic.

Although the number of heads available is less than other brands, the detail and realism is top notch. Known for having the most adorable faces, DollForever ranks high on satisfaction with overall doll looks.

    DollForever heads features:
  • Oral functionality
  • Exchangable eyes in a variety of colors, including Blue-Green, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Purple
  • 6 wigs in a variety of colors and hairstyles
  • TPE skin that is soft and realistic

When choosing a head, it is best to pair with a body that has been featured (photographed) along with the head. It will provide a good indication of the overall compatibility between head and body.

Nationalities noted for a head are general suggestions. Heads are versatile and can take on a wide range of national origin and looks given alternate eye colors and wigs.

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