SMDoll Sex Doll Heads

Heads from SMDoll pair extremely well with SM bodies

There are a lot of sexy, unique, realistic heads on the market. What's amazing about SMDoll is their ability to create heads and faces that are distinctly different with highly desirable and sexy looks.

Heads are produced in two configurations: standard M16 threaded bolt mount and upgraded skeleton mount. As an additional head, be sure to match your skeleton type. Regardless of mount type you'll be amazed at SM Doll's very real feeling TPE skin, gorgeous faces, oral capabilities and overall desirability.

Looks are commonly photographed with an ethnic origin in mind, but rest assured, with eyes colors of Blue, Green, Brown and a selection of 8 wigs, you'll have your doll able to represent a mutitude of hot n sexy looks, ages and nationalities.

These heads typically pair well size-wise with 140cm and up dolls. Individual sizes differences may favor an upper of lower range of body heights. Promotional photos may help you decide which head and body combinations work best to suit your tastes.

Overall, SMDoll heads are gorgeous, high quality and top rated in looks.

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