Z-onedoll Sex Doll Heads

Heads are silicone and match with Z-onedoll silicone sex doll bodies

If you own or are shopping for a silicone head, Z-onedoll produces high quality silicone dolls and faces at an affordable price. Z-one is also known for having jaw dropping gorgeous faces, including the eyes closed Eva head for the ultimate in pleasurable looks.

It is advised to not mix a silicone head with a TPE body or vice versa. When silicone and TPE come in contact with each other there is risk of the silicone, TPE or both degrading.

    Silicone heads by Z-onedoll offer many features and advantages:
  • High level of detail and more durability vs TPE
  • Oral function
  • Easier cleaning and sanitizing
  • Customizable and exchangable eye colors: Blue, Blue CatEye, Green, Forest Green, Brown, Brown CatEye, Purple  
  • 12 unique hairstyles/wigs.

Most heads are meant to match medium to tall doll bodies (approx 140cm and up). Head sizes vary slightly and may be more porportionate in an upper or lower range of body sizes. Use full doll pictures to help confirm a desired head/body match.

Ethnic look or nationality descriptions is not definitive and offer a suggested look from a wide range of possible looks.

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