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Doll Experts was created to assist customers interested in purchasing TPE and silicone sex dolls.

It all began in 2001, purchasing one of the original silicone dolls made by Realdoll. It was a classic Body 2, Head 4 and used for play, companionship, technical discovery and a lot of photography. Here are some photos of those early Realdoll silicone dolls:

As years passed, multiple dolls were acquired as skin formulas changed from tin to platinum silicone and onto the introduction of TPE formulas.

Over the course of 17 years, much was learned about repair, internal skeletons, maintenance and accessorizing both silicone and TPE based dolls. At the same time, dolls were in constant use for photography with frequent posing and characterizations with varying looks.

As TPE based dolls burst onto the scene a few years ago, they have provided ever increasing realism and advanced options. The sheer number of unique dolls available today is huge. Relationships with major manufacturers were cultivated to properly represent and support the ones concentrating on quality.

Doll Experts was created from our experience and long history of doll ownership. We assist new and existing owners in choosing and acquiring these amazing creations. We also constantly review, repair, photograph and keep up with the technical details of each doll on the market that we carry.

We're always happy to provide information before, during and after a sale based on our experience and official factory information we continue gathering and organizing. We help with compatibility options, initimately manage the order process and stay vigilant on delivery logistics.

When it's time to explore your doll's potential we offer our knowledge of doll limitations, opportunities, use, care and photographic potential. We run a professional studio and one of our founding associates provided his master doll technician and industry knowledge. We also have a workshop/lab for our test and photo dolls to learn from.

In summary, our one simple goal is to provide current and new doll owners with a doll to bring as much admiration and happiness as we've experienced, and at the most affordable price. We're committed to being very discreet and respectful. And finally, we're most happy when a customer experiences the excitement of ownership and full enjoyment of their doll.

Doll Experts

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