Privacy Policy
MiauTech LLC provides products and services related to silicone and TPE dolls through the website. MiauTech LLC takes your privacy and the protection of information about individual participants seriously. MiauTech LLC is committed to maintaining the security of that information. The questions and answers below explain why MiauTech LLC collects information, who else may see that information, and how MiauTech LLC will protect your privacy.
What services does the DollExperts website provide?
The DollExperts website provides doll enthusiasts a place to:
  • Browse doll products.
  • Reseach doll details and statistics.
  • Tag favorite dolls and doll products.
  • Place orders for dolls and doll products.

What information does MiauTech LLC collect from the DollExperts website?
MiauTech LLC collects self-reported information provided by its users including demographics, preferences, and personal information. In addition, the DollExperts website may use cookies and may also generate a log file about your visit, which may include the pages you visited, the date, time, and length of your visit, information about the computer used, including the operating system, the browser used, IP address, language, network, country, device and the referring website. We also track the number and frequency of hits per page.
Why is MiauTech LLC collecting information through the DollExperts website?
The DollExperts website is a tool for browsing and shopping for dolls and doll products. The DollExperts website works in different ways for users, vendors, manufacturers, marketers, and affiliates. This information will be used to:
  • Assist users in doll shopping.
  • Assist users in acquiring knoweldge about dolls and doll products.
As a registered user, in most cases your personal information is not disclosed in a way that reveals your identity. That means that the information is reported by large groups of people, for example, "the average experience level in a country," rather than the actual experience details of any individual users. There are limited exceptions to this rule explained below. Your participation in the DollExperts website will be a benefit to you personally as a tool to collect doll information. This record might be used for shopping, sharing or discussing information without your having to report the same information multiple times.

Can I use the DollExperts website without my information being collected?
Most information collected from the DollExperts website consists of data, information, and documents intentionally submitted by people who are signing up or who have already signed up to participate. People may view certain information on the DollExperts website without signing up for an account, thus limiting the information collected. It is not possible to register without submitting certain required information. Apart from the information required to be submitted in order to register, the DollExperts website may use cookies and may also generate a log file about your visit, which may include pages visited, date, time, length of visit, computer used, operating system, browser, IP address, language, network, country, device and referring website. We also track the number and frequency of hits per page.

As a participant, what access do I have to my own data?
Individual users may view and change some of their own information in the DollExperts website.

Who has access to my data and for what purposes?
The general rule of the DollExperts website is that only data will be only be available to authorized users for appropriate purposes. These purposes include resource planning, research, order fulfillment and customer support. However, some authorized users have a legitimate need for limited information about individual users. MiauTech LLC may view all individual and program information. MiauTech LLC needs to view this information to maintain the system, verify status, administer accounts, manage the website, and report on the data. MiauTech LLC may also use individual users information to establish qualifications for security access.

What security measures are in place to protect my information?
Servers are hosted at an secure network operations data center.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you may contact MiauTech LLC through the DollExperts website.
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